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7/3/14 06:44 am - A less-than-regular update

Hello Lj-land! *waves* You see this is what happens if I get to bed before about 1am, I'm up bright, early and typing up an LJ entry. Just to let you know that inspite of the best efforts of some people I am neither dead, locked up or on the run. As I haven't updated in a while this may get long, you may wish to hit ALT-CTRL-HUH?
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12/10/13 03:23 pm

So what's been happening then on my planet since the last update? Well pretty much the standard usual stuff so you've pretty much read what this posting has to say! :)
Since the last update there's been the case of seeing The Cult play at the Roundhouse (the freekin' Cult MAAANN!) and on Halloween too! They were pretty good, not a lot of moving about the stage but musically really good. I may have muttered under my breath about the possible eradication of the entire populace of a certain country due to some of the assholes in the audience but all in, it was a great gig.
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8/19/12 12:34 am - What a week!

I sometimes think I should just jack the towel in, develop some major form of drug addiction and spend my days getting the state to pay my rent and smokes money. This can't be right. Work is pratically killing me at the moment. I'm knocking support tickets out of the arena, most on my queue are there because the "client" can't be fscking arsed to reply back that they work and so close them. I am starting to get to the "after three no replies, I'm cancelling the damn ticket" frame of mind. Friday proved how mad it's getting. I worked 3 hours over during which I types a grand total of two lines, one at the start of the three hours to shut shit down and the other at the end to start it all up again... and some minor clicking to make sure that services were running, of course! :)

There seems to be a gremlin circulating the systems as we're having a spate of fatal systems errors, not helped by the hosting company seemingly not being able to provide an adequate satble power supply. I've practically been doing break/fix for the past fornight and it's starting to wear me a little thin. Add to that that one of the DBA numpts wants to set up a "systems monitor" so that they can export the systems info to a database. We already have a systems monitor, why not just develop that one to export SQL?!? I've been pretty good at not going postal this week. The systems monitor is developing a bit of a cult following and a swelling "to do" list.

RRDB has been well-behaved for almost two months, no low-disk alerts, no system drop outs. I did a migration run last week which would normally take about 36 hours start to finsh. This one took a grand total of ten minutes as thewre was nothing to migrate. Apparently we're up at 2PB on storage now, I haven't run the accountancy on the stacks so can't confirm that but it wouldn't surprise me. I'm pegged to get the server/service upgrades done which would be a big tick on my CV and now onw of the managers is talking about progressing the whole technology up a level.I've done no development in about two weeks, not even a small bit of helper-app noodling. This makes me unhappy! :(

I seem to have pulled off a sweet steal. Did a short punt on one of my "favourite" stocks about a month ago, thinking that with the market mainly being on holiday and the 'lympics playing there might be a bit of a ground swell. Well blow me down did I call that one right! Very nice return with most of it locked in should the markets tank. Just a shame I couldn't see the logic of it all and put some more cash into it. Most of the rest of my p/f is doing well, showing blue so I can't complain there. I just need to rebalance the weighting so that the more profitable ones have a good size chunk of the total. OK, they're not earning me "Rockfeller money" but they are earning more than if I'd left the cash mouldering in a bank account somewhere.

Loving the weather, just wished it hadn't rolled in this quick and that it'd freshen the air a bit. There seems to be a lot of moisture around at the moment. Also wished I'd got myself organised/energised as I've missed a birthday party/drink-up.. again!

Just bought a couple of tickets for an event I'm not going to for someone else. People must think I know womething about gigs and clubs and things! :)

Right off mfor one last check that everything's running green. Catch you later.

8/8/12 07:57 pm

So.. after more than a week of harvering on about how an external user can't connect via the VPN to one particular system, in spite of there being no evidence of them trying to connect at all, no real tools offered to me to attempt to solve the problem leaving me to rely on just your say-so, showing you there are no user ACLs on that system, no internal firewalls, TCP wrappers spread to the widest of internal allowables you spend the time to write up a detailed date-by-date care bear-level complaint/report of who did what and when and then send that to me and the management.

What a shame that today was also the day that I'd gotten just a bit too whacked off with your endless mithering, and what looked like a fairly obvious attempt by you to enveigle the situation and had taken my laptop in with me, connected it to the net via my IP dongle (making it truely an "outside connection"), had gone in via the SAME VPN and discovered that sure enough you can't connect to that particular system but... you can't connect to any other system in the same damn subnet! Are you sure there's a route through to 192.168.3.x?

While I don't always do it I do try and stick to the words of one Sherlock Holmes: "When you have eliminated all other candidates, then the last remaining candidate must be the culprit, no matter how implausible".

And this is so true in this case. The network dr00g had followed the protocol of diagnosing the problem exactly as it had been reported with no attempt to "think outside the box", diagnose the process chain meaning that there could only be one culprit, which was the system. The culprit had already been determined, it was just a case of proving the guilt. However he had missed the slight detail that there were more possible candidates in the chain and he had just ignored them. He had put blind faith in his setup "to work" so the culprit "must be the system". However, when you can show that every other system in the same subnet is also uncontactable then the finger of blame suddenly turns back on ....the VPN! Quelle surprise!

In a way I am majorly pissed off about this as the guy has been calling my judgement and diagnosis into question for over a week, wasting my time debugging his problem when a very simple thought train of "Can I connect to anywhere else from here? Does this problem show up elsewhere?" would have shown him that the problem was a little closer to his own doorstep than he wanted to admit.

So I just punched that problem right out of the ring.

I'm the first to admit that I'm not really the "grand master" of any particular trade more than a rather commited dabbler in a few. However when you get to the point where you can't even follow the basic 101 techniques of diagnosing problems in your own field and just try and palm them off as MY problem, don't be surprised if I suddenly get uber-L337 geek-god on you and shove the proof that the fault is most likely yours firmly up your hiney!

You don't get to do this sh!t for more than 30 years without learning at least a few basics.


2/7/12 10:06 pm

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12/27/11 11:16 am

Hope you all had a good Christmas. Me? I`m just making my first ever LJ post using a Kindle. Oh yes! I can easily see myself becoming a Kindle geek/hacker in the new year :)

Have fun

12/17/11 03:52 pm

I'm getting sloppy trying to keep this up to date. I'm having one of those weeks were things have gotten interesting. As of this Friday I will have been to four gigs in a week, and at three of those I've been working.

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11/27/11 02:14 pm - Note to self: update LJ!

Ah yes! LiveJournal, the mistress discarded, disregarded to the chomping teeth of things that need doing. As I've been so remiss in not making an entry lately this is just going to be a brief-ish whizz through of the last however long its been since I last updated.
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10/9/11 01:22 am

OK, since the last update there was the goths-on-a-boat thing and thank Bob they had a bigger boat. Met up withsaucy_goth and we went to have noodles beforehand. Then back to the meeting point which you couldn't miss for the rather large mope of goffs stood around outside. The boat journey went well with the passing under the Greenwich Meridan out and back again.

Nothing much else in the week after that, work is killing me.

Last night was meet LS again, this time at The Hobdevlin. Got to catch up with a few old faces I haven't seen for a while and then our group trundled off to Inferno, which was quiet for the first hour or so.

Due to work frazzling my greycells, I haven't been up to doing much afterwards lately so I've been catching up on horror movies I seem to have missed. Here's the list of most of them from the last two weeks or so.
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9/20/11 09:37 pm

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